Organic gardener for hire & organic gardening tuition, Stroud, Gloucestershire

2023 – Sorry, I am busy with writing and photography work at the moment, probably not taking on any gardening customers this year.

I’ve been an enthusiastic gardener for over 20 years, and a serious grower of fruit and veg for about 15 years.   While my ideal job is edible gardening tuition or advice, or setting up, rescuing or maintaining an edible garden, I also do all the usual gardening tasks of weeding flower borders and looking after lawns, hedges, bushes etc.   I work in a 10 mile radius of Stroud, Gloucestershire, and my hourly charge is £16.

Apart from really loving to grow plants, especially food, I’m very handy with a saw, drill, hammer and screwdriver, and can tackle tasks such as mending sheds and gates, making compost bins and log stores, repairing fences and trellises.  During the winter I can also take on smallish indoor handyman jobs (though my experience is wider than basic DIY, having installed my own central heating and solar water heating, and made my own window frames and furniture etc.).

If you wish to learn about edible gardening

I’m happy to teach you about gardening, especially edible gardening, in your own garden – a sort of one-to-one hands-on gardening course at your place.   That doesn’t mean that I know it all though – far from it.  I learn something new every day, and that learning comes from talking to other gardeners, experimenting, books, magazines, radio, youtube etc.   Unless you’re a complete beginner, from day one I’ll also be learning from you,  and definitely from your garden –  the soil, climate, pests and weeds are different in every place, and every garden has different possibilities and challenges.

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