I’m an organic gardener, following a wider planet-friendly approach known as permaculture.  Currently I garden professionally part time, while still doing some work in IT.   I’m also gardening in almost every minute of my spare time – growing fruit and veg is more of an obsession than a hobby for me!

On moving to Stroud in 2010, I set up the Stroud Permaculture Group, and before that I coordinated the Milton Keynes Organic Gardening Group.   I’m also interested and active in other areas of life, such as (green) politics, sustainabiltiy, self sufficiency, pottery, woodwork and DIY, Woodcraft Folk, and video making.  I’m always busy!

I’m sure there isn’t such a thing as a typical gardener, or even a typical permaculturist.  My own journey has involved being an academic, a journalist, a software designer, a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party, and involvement in community groups and charities, amongst other things.  At  my core, though, I think I’d have to simply describe myself as a gardener!

Me, at my allotment
This is me, at my allotment.


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