Monthly Archives: July 2021

Early morning blackcurrant harvesting

This week’s 30C heatwave has made it too hot to be gardening during the day, and I’ve had to cancel or postpone work.  One thing I couldn’t postpone any longer though was picking the blackcurrants in my garden, so I’ve been doing some early-morning harvesting.

Harvesting blackcurrants - pruned branch lying on a table for the berries to be picked off in comfort


Crouching down with branches in my face became uncomfortable, so with the bigger bushes I’ve been pruning and harvesting at the same time, cutting off the stems so that I can pick the berries off them in comfort at a table.    Blackcurrants like to be pruned hard – I wouldn’t recommend this technique with redcurrants.

I like to get a good few kilos of blackcurrants into the freezer every summer, so that I can have home-grown berries in my morning muesli all winter.