Monthly Archives: May 2016

Tomato, courgette, squash, and herb plants available

I can’t believe how much my plants have grown since my last blog post five weeks ago – as you can see from the picture.   They are ready to leave home now and to be planted out at their new owners’ gardens, patios, allotments and greenhouses.  The weather has warmed up a lot in the last two weeks and I think we should be safe from any overnight frosts now.


I have lovely huge  Sungold and Gardeners Delight cherry tomato plants for £1.50 each (many are already 18 inches tall and flowering).  Sungold are sweet and orange-fruited and amazingly full of flavour.  Gardeners Delight are slightly larger-fruited red cherry tomatoes, a traditional favourite amongst growers.    They can both be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors.   The ideal outdoor spot is against a sunny fence or wall.  The beauty of growing cherry tomatoes is that they ripen so much earlier than larger fruited varieties – particularly important if growing out of doors.

Also at £1.50 are courgette plants (seed variety ‘Nero Di Milano’ from Tamar Organics) and butternut squash plants (also from Tamar Organics seeds).    I also have a small number of yellow courgette plants available and Crown Prince squash.  On the herby front, I have huge sage plants, just about to burst into flower (worth growing just for the flowers but a useful culinary and medicinal herb)  and big rosemary bushes and young basil and thyme plants.

My plants are available via,  or by calling round to collect them from my house in Uplands, Stroud (just send an email or give me a call on 07729 103263 to check stock).