Monthly Archives: May 2015

Now selling plants via Stroudco

This week I made my first delivery of plants to Stroudco Food Hub.  Stroudco is an innovative local online shop, matching local producers with local consumers.  You can buy everything from locally-baked sourdough bread to local veg and Essentials Wholefoods via Stroudco.  It’s well worth trying – it gives consumers convenience and lower than retail prices, and gives producers much better returns than selling wholesale.  It really is a win-win system, pioneered in Stroud and inspiring the setting up of other Food Hubs across the UK and the world.

Plants for Stroudco Food Hub
My first plants ordered by Stroudco customers

I’ve been working with Stroudco in my other guise for a few years (as an IT person, providing technical support for their software), so it’s nice to now also be part of Stroudco as a producer.

I’m continuing to sell plants via word-of-mouth/email,  and via a stall outside my house, and sometimes at the Country Market stall at the Shambles Market on Fridays.