Seed potatoes, peas and beans sold loose

If you missed the annual Stroud Potato Day in Merrywalks last month,  here’s another chance to buy individual seed potatoes so that you can grow a mixture of varieties – you can plant them anytime between now and the end of April.

Seed potatoes and beans and pea seeds sold loose at Pound Farm Shop, Whaddon
Seed potatoes and beans and pea seeds sold loose at Pound Farm Shop, Whaddon

I visited Pound Farm shop in Whaddon recently to buy some New Horizons peat free multipurpose compost.  Pound Farm is just opposite Wynstones school, on the road from Stroud to Gloucester.  It’s a small independent garden centre and farm shop – much preferable visiting a typical big garden centre that’s part of a soul-less chain (I really can’t bear them!).

Pound farm is also selling pea and bean seeds loose by weight, so you can just weigh out as many as you need.  The old fashioned method!  Well done Pound Farm.    No organic seeds or plants unfortunately…    They also sell their own-grown potatoes by the sack – tasty, local and good value if you don’t mind buying non-organic veg (I tried a couple of bakers and they were excelllent).

It’s a shame that we don’t have a good independent garden centre/nursery/plant shop actually in Stroud.   For plants, the Country Market stall at the Shambles on a Friday morning is very good (I sell veg plants there in the summer).  There are also plant stalls at the Saturday farmers market. But there’s nowhere decent to buy seeds and compost and pots and garden tools – the best option is usually Wilkinsons, which is OK (and cheap) but lacks atmosphere and plant knowledge (they also stock a few plants but tend to kill most of them by neglect soon after they arrive – rather depressing!).  There are also Homebase and B&Q of course, a little out of the town centre – but they are just DIY chainstores.   None of the above shops, including Pound Farm, offer organic seeds.

There is a  small selection of  organic seeds and a few hand tools at the Stroud Valleys Shop in Threadneedle Street.  If they could just expand to running a dedicated garden shop somewhere in town it would be lovely – there’s definitely a gap in the market.  Maybe Ruskin Mill could supply them with plants too… ideas ideas!

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