A good time to order green manures

Green manures are plants that are grown specifically to improve and fertilise the soil.  Every August when I think about sowing them… oops, I don’t have the seeds to hand!  I have to confess I’ve simply not been organised enough to use green manures much in the past, though lately my beds have mostly been full of crops in the autumn and winter or mulched, so I don’t usually leave a bed bare over winter these days.

Anyway, this year I’m determined to do as much as I can to improve my soil.   I ordered Phacelia and Winter Tares seeds from Tamar Organics on Friday, and they arrived on Saturday – wow, impressive service!  Now when gaps appear in my beds after crops have been harvested, I will be ready to sow a green manure if I don’t have another crop ready to go in.  I will also aim to leave a bed or two deliberately fallow with a covering of a green manure.  (Incidentally don’t dig in your green manure, just cut the plants down before they go to seed, and leave the tops on the beds as a mulch).

Green manure seeds

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