Tomato plants from sideshoot cuttings

I usually turn my first big tomato sideshoots into cuttings – a surprisingly quick and simple trick. Much faster than growing from seed, and handy for those expensive F1 varieties like Sungold. Take your biggest sideshoots – five or six inches long is ideal but smaller will do (photo 1). Push into pots of very moist seed compost (making the hole with a pencil can help – photo 2). Cover with a propagator lid or plastic bag with a small air hole in, leave in a warm place not in direct sunlight, and they will root in about a week (photo 3)! Tomatoes have a really fierce determination to root: sometimes discarded sideshoots left lying on the soil surface during a rainy spell take root.
On a different topic, some people graft tomato plants. I’ve not tried that, and don’t know how or why it’s done, but maybe someone will leave a comment to explain?

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