Planting out sweetcorn

I’m planting out my first batch of sweetcorn today – raised in rootrainers as usual, with a small handful of chicken manure pellets in each planting hole – they do very well this way I’ve found.

The beauty of rootrainers is that they are quite deep, easy to get the young plants out of, and take up very little space in the greenhouse – 32 plants fit into a space the size of a standard seed tray.   Ideal for tall narrow plants like sweetcorn,  and I also use them for beans.  I planted my first sweetcorn seeds indoors in mid April, and they were ready to go out about a month later.

I’ve found that a little pelleted chicken manure in each planting hole feeds the sweetcorn all season, and is enough to produce big plants and good cobs.  I’ve got my reservations about using pelletted chicken manure – in an ideal world I’d find something more vegan – but it is cheap, convenient, and effective.   Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative (apart from lots of home made compost, which would always be the ideal, if I could ever make ENOUGH compost!).

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